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Casa Sarabella Apple Crisp

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Submitted by @casasarabella Sara B Gochberg


From @casasarabella Hayom Yom Shlishi Series
(Just for fun account)
Liluyi Nishmas my father Rav Aron ben Harav Menachem Mendel A’H

My Mother and Mother in Law are fabulous fearless cooks; I’ve learned so much from them, including not to make desserts! 
We all love to cook, but baking isn’t our thing!
Yet Darling Husband doesn’t think Shabbos meals are complete if there is no dessert!
Lol, I’m sure most of you agree as well!

My easy and quick answer:
@Casasarabella Apple Crisp!
Whether it’s the shorter days in Monsey
or I want to be at the beach in Miami
or eating healthier before the next wave of holidays ..
my fav friday night dessert recipe this time of the year!

Anyone who eats it, wants the “recipe”!
From my home and heart to yours,



Combine lemon juice and cinnamon in a ziploc bag, add sliced apples and gently mix, making sure all the apples are coated. If possible, “marinade” in fridge a few hours.


Place apples in ovenproof dish (love ramekins).


Combine topping in same ziploc bag; spray pam, add oatmeal, flour and sugar, mix well. Use more pam as needed.


Lightly sprinkle topping over apples; don’t cover completely, and then a light spritz of pam.


Bake uncovered at 350 for 40-60 minutes, until apples are tender, bubbling a tad and releasing juices, topping is golden brown and


The smell of cinnamon and apple … Yum!


Suggested measurements, adjust to your flavor profile … I don’t like sweet. Remember … the secret ingredient is always love! Sprinkle generously! And add in some tefillos for your loved ones.


Bump up flavor profile w/a smidgen of cardamom in apple mix, pinch of salt in topping.


Substitute with other firm apples (not macintosh) or ripe pears, or a mix of both.


Skip the topping and you have oven made applesauce!