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Casa Sarabella Coleslaw


Submitted by @casasarabella Sara B Gochberg


Crunchy colorful tangy coleslaw that is super easy to make; inspired by my Mother.

I don’t like traditional coleslaw!
Lol, no need to check my DNA…
I know it’s a must for most of your Shabbos tables, it’s just not my thing!
You know me and my mayo … seems like such a waste!

Maybe because my mother didn’t serve coleslaw frequently?
Do you find how you cook is influenced by your mother’s preferences?
One of my earliest memories … very late at night (probably 3am!) my mother making homemade mayo, then traditional coleslaw for Pesach in her laundry room/Pesach kitchen.

When do I make coleslaw?
If it complements my Friday night main,
If I’m having a lot of company and want some extras,
if I’m having an easy Miami Shabbos .. lol, ha!
If it’s BBQ season.

From my home and heart to yours,



Put ingredients in a ziploc bag, mix lightly with your hand, close bag and smush it around a bit.


If you insist, first whisk together the Italian dressing and mayo in a bowl and then add. You can substitute with your favorite coleslaw dressing.


I start with less dressing and then add … vegetables will release liquid … you want the vegetables to keep their crunch.


Drain excess liquid before serving.


Fearless Cooking: measurements are quidelines, trust your instincts and palate.