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Chef Uri Elbaum’s Tuna Tartare

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A delicious, light and fresh tuna tartare with sauce, creamy poached egg, and a bit of kick. 

Watch the tartare showdown on BHIS!


Prepare Chef Uri’s Tartare


Mix together tartare ingredients. Let marinate.

Prepare the Poached Egg


Marinate the egg yolk in soy sauce and water for 10 minutes.

To Serve


Build your tuna tower in a ring: first a layer of crushed chips, then the tartare. Top with the poached egg.


Slice cucumber lengthwise with a mandolin to obtain long strips. Slice off the peel on one side of each slice.


Carefully remove the ring. Wrap a cucumber slice around the tartare tower. Serve alongside the sauce and fanned avocado slices. Garnish with chopped chestnuts, broccoli sprouts, and radish sticks.