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Cherry Baskets


A yummy and easy-to-make pastry filled with cherry pie filling or your favorite jam.


For the Cherry Baskets

1. Fold dough to obtain triangle. With sharp knife, cut slits towards point of triangle but not cutting through.
2. Unfold dough. Pull right point through slit on left side, pull left point through slit in right side.
3. Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 15–18 minutes. Dust baskets liberally with confectioners’ sugar.
4. Fill with one tablespoon cherry pie filling. Garnish with green on side. Serve on main course dish or as miniatures, entree, etc.


Easy Flaky Dough can be used. For miniatures, cut dough to two- and- a- half-inch squares.


Use raspberry jam instead of cherry pie filling. Jam should be baked along with dough. Garnish with fresh fruit and whip topping. 


Photography and Styling: Peri Photography