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Chocolate Lollipops with Dehydrated Fruit

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Fruit and chocolate is a classic combo for any occasion, and these pops are a fun way to enjoy them! Make sure to lay a whole piece of whatever fruit is inside, so the lucky recipients of these treats will know what they’re biting into.


Watch how Esty does it on Easy Does It!


Make Lollipops


Melt chocolate of choice over a double boiler or in the microwave for 30 second intervals at 40% power, stirring each time until smooth. 


Using a lollipop mold, break up small pieces of dehydrated fruit into the well of the mold. Fill in the well with melted chocolate of choice (or a combination for the marble effect).

Note: You can also use parchment paper instead of a mold and just make round chocolate dollops and add fruit sticks to them. Make sure to leave enough space between lollipops. 


Top lollipop with full pieces of the fruit that is inside each pop. Rotate the stick to make sure chocolate adheres on all sides. If using mold, tap on counter lightly the eliminate air pockets


Leave out to set or chill in the refrigerator until hard. Unmold or remove from paper and serve! 


Sponsored by Fruits by Pesha