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Chocolate Martini with Sprinkled Rim


Watch the video here! Party Time with Naomi Nachman’s Best Drink Ever I love to have a cocktail with my dinner when I go out to eat and I always ask to see the bartender’s specialty. I always find it fun, and the bartender’s recommendations are usually terrific. This Pesach I had the honor of working for VIP-Ram Passover Program at the National Trump Doral Hotel in Miami, giving culinary and mixology classes. Besides learning so much from the chefs and event planners on the program, I learned from their amazing bartenders how to make the perfect chocolate martini. While I watched them add in the milk all I kept thinking was – Shavuot cocktail!


Prepare the Martini


Place the alcohol and milk inside a metal cocktail shaker with the strainer attachment. Top with ice, cover, and shake vigorously for 20 seconds.


Strain the drink into a martini glass and drink while cold.

Decorate the Rim


To decorate the rim, begin by making a simple syrup. Boil water and sugar together, stirring until sugar has dissolved. Let cool.


Hold your choice of drinking glass upside down and dip the edge of the rim in the syrup. Then dip again in colored sprinkles, salt, or edible glitter. The syrup acts as a glue for the garnish.