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Chocolate Treats On-the-Go


Relish this delicious, nutritious chocolate treat at home or on the go!



Chop the almonds so that there are some big pieces and some small pieces.


Using two 8-inch square pans, create a double boiler. Pour half a cup of boiling water into one pan, and place the second pan right inside it, on top of the water. Pour the carob and chocolate chips inside the empty pan and wait a few minutes as it starts to melt. Once it starts to melt, stir it intermittently. (Pour out the cooling water and refresh with additional boiling water once or twice, as needed.)


When the carob and chocolate have turned into a smooth cream, stir in the chopped nuts and rice crispies, leaving the pan on top of the hot water the whole time. Then sprinkle the dried cranberries across the surface. With a fork, push the ingredients into the chocolate cream, toward the bottom of the pan, until they are completely covered by the chocolate. Refrigerate for one hour.


Cut into pieces and store in the refrigerator or freezer.