Chol Hamoed Crock-Pot Brisket

  • Cooking and Prep: 6.5 h
  • Serves: 8
  • No Allergens

Put this up in the morning in your Crock-Pot, go out for your Chol Hamoed trip, and dinner will be ready for you when you come home!

Ingredients (10)

Chol Hamoed Crock-Pot Brisket

Start Cooking

Prepare the Chol Hamoed Crock-Pot Brisket

  1. Place all the vegetables in the bottom of a large Crock-Pot and season with spices. Season brisket on all sides with spices and place on top of vegetables.

  2. Mix wine and ketchup in a bowl and pour over meat and vegetables. Set Crock-Pot to high and cook for six to seven hours.

  3. Remove meat from the Crock-Pot and slice. If it’s very soft, you can just pull it apart with two forks.

  4. To serve: Place meat on platter and place potatoes around the meat. If you have a fleishig immersion blender, blend the remaining vegetables in the Crock-Pot to make gravy and pour it over the meat.


Styling and Photography by Sina Mizrahi

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