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Chopped Liver


If there’s one quintessential heimish comfort food that spans trends and generations, it’s chopped liver. No one makes it quite like our grandma and her countertop meat grinder, but Yossi’s comes as close as you can get! Glass of cognac and platter of kichel suggested but not mandatory. Watch the video and get ready for Shabbos with Yussi.


1. Sauté onions in frying pan till golden brown.
2. Boil eggs for 10 minutes, peel, and cool in fridge
3. Add cut-up livers to pan and let it cook with onions for approximately 10–12 minutes. Mix every two minutes. Add spices.
4. Mash up eggs in a mixing bowl. Add liver and mash it all together. Add salt and pepper to your taste.


For longer-lasting chopped liver, let it chill in fridge before mixing into the eggs.