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Cocoa Cumin Cowboy Steak with Red Wine Pan Sauce


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Cook Steak


Thoroughly dry cowboy steak with paper towels. Make sure the steak is brought to room temperature before cooking.


Combine cocoa powder, cumin, all spice, and black pepper in a bowl. Pour over steak and rub into meat, making sure to coat all sides. 


Add 2 teaspoons duck fat to a clean, preheated cast-iron pan, and lay steak in pan. 


While the steak is searing, place probe of a meat thermometer into center of steak to monitor the temperature


Do not move the steak while it is searing. After a few minutes of searing, gently lift the bone of the steak to see if it releases easily from the pan. Once steak releases easily, flip over and resume searing. Move cast iron pan to preheated over to continue cooking until the meat reaches desired temperature. 


Once meat reached desired temperature, remove from pan and let rest. 

Make Pan Sauce


While meat is resting (loosely covered by foil), return pan to stovetop. Add 2 teaspoons of duck fat. Add shallots and let brown gently.


Add garlic and sauté for 30 seconds to a minute, then add fresh herbs and stir until aromatic. 


Raise flame and pour in wine, followed by broth, stirring with a wooden spatula to scrape all of the bits of flavor into the sauce. Reduce by more than half to allow for alcohol to cook out.


Once sauce is reduced by more than half, stir in 2-3 tablespoons of duck fat one at a time to add richness. Strain sauce before serving.