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One-Ingredient Clementine Ice


Sorbets are a staple over Pesach. This was my first time trying to create a sorbet out of clementines, and it was delicious! Usually fruit-based sorbets need at least two stages of blending. This was perfect after just one. Try adding in some liqueur for a great palate cleanser if you’re feeling fancy!


1. Freeze the clementine segments in a single layer for six hours or overnight.
2. When fully frozen, place them into a food processor and process. The mixture will go from dry and crumbly to smooth and creamy after a few minutes. If your clementines are not so sweet, you can add a bit of sugar while blending. Transfer to a freezer.
3. Serve in scoops with shaved chocolate or on their own.

Notes: Halfway through freezing time, you can add one ounce of liqueur. Mix with a spoon to combine.