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Colorful Chicken Salad


Submitted by Ruti Soffer   I made this salad by accident one day when I was preparing lunch in a rush. I was using my Shabbos leftovers and put it all in one big salad. It was a huge hit with my family, and since then I make it as a Shabbos salad or a weekday supper. It’s easy and super filling and I usually have the dressing ready in my fridge as it’s a great cabbage salad dressing, too.


1. Spice chicken, spray with oil and grill on 200 degrees Celsius for 12 minutes.
2. Cook quinoa according to packet directions.
3. Julienne fresh vegetables and toss together with green beans, spray oil and salt. Roast on 200 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes. As it comes out. toss with teriyaki.
4. Mix dressing ingredients.
5. Assemble by placing mixed leaves on platter. Top with quinoa, vegetables, chicken and sprinkle sesame seeds. Drizzle dressing over.