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Corn Soup


With a few staple ingredients, a pot and an immersion blender you’re good-to-go with the “basic black dress” of soups! This easy recipe can go from comfort food to sophisticated first course with your favorite herbs and garnishes.


1. Sauté onion in fat (even shmaltz, if you like!) till translucent, 10 minutes or so over medium high heat. It’s okay of some pieces brown; more flavor!

Raise heat a bit, add half the frozen corn, continue sautéing, stirring once or twice, for another five minutes. 


Add some of your chosen liquid and use the immersion blender to puree till smooth(ish); add rest of corn and liquid, seasoning to taste (try a dash of garlic powder or a pinch of sugar). Simmer a few minutes to blend flavors.

Notes: Easily stretched for more servings with the addition of more liquid; adjust seasoning.