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Corned Beef Pizza


About once or twice a year, a new recipe comes up that really becomes a new Shabbat staple and family favorite. Last summer it was the Syrian nachos, and this year it was this corned beef pizza. The concept is really simple. Even though flatbreads or “pulled beef pizzas” were a big trend, I wasn’t really a fan. The meat and bread were simply very separate and always seemed dry. But what if I incorporated the meat (and lots of onions) into the dough? Then there would be flavor and moistness throughout. One simple idea, and it was a big hit. This is so much more flavorful than your standard meat flatbread.


You can bake these ahead and rewarm. They stay soft; all you need to do is keep them completely wrapped and covered (in parchment and aluminum).


Yield: 2 corned beef pizzas


Prepare the Corned Beef Pizza


Sauté the onions in a generous amount of oil. First sauté the diced onion, then remove and sauté the sliced onions until very soft and golden, about 12 to 15 minutes. Set aside.


In one bowl, combine half the corned beef with the diced onion. In another bowl, combine the other half of the corned beef with the sliced onion.


Prepare the focaccia dough. In a bowl, combine all ingredients (you do not need to proof the yeast). Add diced onion/corned beef mixture to the dough and let rise for 30 to 45 minutes. While you can knead in the onion/corned beef later on too, I find it’s easier to do it earlier.


Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Separate dough into two rounds and flatten into a flat disc (try to flatten as well as you can with your hands). Place the discs on Gefen Parchment-lined baking sheets and top with sliced onion/corned beef mixture. Bake for 25 minutes.


Combine honey mustard ingredients. Before serving, drizzle with honey mustard (I use a piping bag) and top with greens. Slice and serve. To freeze, wrap in parchment and then aluminum and simply warm in oven while fully wrapped.



How To Make Shredded Corned Beef (Not Cold Cuts)


With Leftover Corned Beef:

Take your leftover corned beef, place it in a baking pan, cover with water, cover, and bake until shreddable (if it wasn’t soft enough already). You can bake at any temperature between 250 to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.


With Fresh Corned Beef:

Leave your vacuum-sealed raw corned beef with water in a slow cooker overnight on low. In the morning, it will be soft and shreddable. You can also boil it for three hours instead, longer than you usually would, so it’s really soft and shreddable instead of slicable.


Photo by Chana Rivky Klein