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Creamed Corn Soup


Chef Mike took a day off from the famous restaurant Mike’s Bistro to show you how to take your sweet summer corn and make it into something incredible. This recipe is best made with fresh corn. Watch the “Mike’s Day Off” video to learn more about how Mike makes this dish!


Prep the Corn


Hold one ear of corn almost vertical against a wide bowl. Using a sharp knife, slice off the niblets, and use a spoon to scrape off the pulp. Repeat with remaining corn.


Before scraping the final ear, run over the surface with a peeler to expose the pulp. 

Make the Soup


Place the corn and pulp in a pan. Season with a pinch of salt. Add water and heat over medium-high flame for two to three minutes.


Remove half of the corn to a blender or food processor. Add olive oil and process until very smooth. Return creamed corn to the pot.


Season with lime juice and herbs.