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Crispy Seared Honey Citrus Salmon


This crispy salmon has the most delicious sweet and tangy sauce. It is pan-seared to get an extra crispy bottom and takes no time to prepare!


Prepare the Salmon


In a bowl combine all of the sauce ingredients and whisk to combine. Set aside.


Heat one tablespoon of olive oil in a sauté pan, season the salmon with salt and pepper. When the oil is hot, lay the salmon fillets in the pan skin side/fat side DOWN. Let them sear until golden and crisp (three to five minutes). Flip and sear the second side for three minutes. If the fillets are extra thick, you can turn them onto their sides and sear them for a minute as well, to make sure the centre is cooked through.


Gently remove the salmon to a plate; add all the sauce to the oil in the pan. Bring it to a boil and let it cook for three minutes, until thickened slightly.


Lower the heat, add the salmon back to the pan, and spoon sauce over the fillets.



Thinly slice the scallions on the diagonal; slice the lemon into thin slices.


Arrange the lemon around the fillets, sprinkle the tops with green onion, and serve.