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Crockpot Broccoli, Garlic, and Olive Oil Soup


Running a popular cooking site definitely gives me insight into what people are making, what they are requesting, and what types of recipes they do not want to make. Topping the request list are desserts, roasts, chicken dishes, holiday ideas, and weeknight, easy recipes, especially crock-pot (same thing as a slow cookier) options. Call it retro or just practical, crock-pots are in-fashion and in high demand. Each week, I’ve been testing new crock-pot recipes to bring you delicious and easy options (no browning meat first in my choices). Everything from meat, chicken, soups and even desserts work well in a crock pot, but dishes that requires browning or mixing in other bowls, just don’t save much time or clean-up, so I savor and remake the ones that score high on taste and also on the equally important, ease of preparation. Here is one recipe that wins in both categories.


Make the Soup


Chop the broccoli into bite-size pieces. Combine the broccoli, oil, garlic, thyme, broth, wine and lemon juice in a crock-pot. Cover and cook on low for five to six hours.


Before serving, mash some of the broccoli with the back of a spoon. Or if you prefer a smooth soup, puree it with an immersion blender. Season with salt and pepper. I like to serve this with chunky Italian bread for dipping.


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