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Dairy Chocolate Chip Muffin Menorah


This recipe is my easiest and best tasting dairy muffin. Here’s my twist for Chanukah. I bake this for every occasion with great reviews. Try it and watch it disappear. It yields about 70 bite size mini muffins.

Submitted by Ruchy Feder


Prepare the Muffins


Mix together all muffin ingredients except for chocolate chips. Add the chocolate chips when everything is well mixed.


Fill mini muffin holders with a tablespoon of the mixture. Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes.


Lightly mix together topping ingredients and fill a piping bag with a star tip. I used a 21 Wilton tip. Squeeze some topping onto each muffin.

Prepare the Flame Chocolate


For flame, put red and yellow together in one heatproof bowl melt over double boiler. DON’T MIX.


Once melted, swirl chocolate once to get it marbleized. Take a tablespoon and put a dollop of chocolate onto a parchment paper, pull the spoon to create the flame affect.


Put in freezer for 15 minutes to set. Once set, place a flame into each muffin.