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Dairy Meringue Cake

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Submitted by Chany Reich

This scrumptious, gluten-free, kosher for Pesach meringue cake can be served as a dessert or displayed by a kiddush. My family and friends all request this cake for their upcoming simchahs, not only because of its mouthwatering deliciousness, but also because of its impressive presentation.


It is best to do steps 1 – 5 (including step 5) in the evening and continue the next day to allow for baking and cooling overnight. Read all steps before beginning.


Beat egg whites until snow starts to form, then add sugar and confectionary sugar very slowly, one spoon at a time.


Prepare 2 sheets of baking paper the size of a cookie sheet. Draw 3 rectangles – 30 x 11 cm (draw 2 on one sheet, 1 on the other.) Place on baking tray/cookie sheet.


Put meringue mixture into piping bag with 12-millimetre round tip. Pipe up and down the short way, filling the rectangles you drew.


Bake on 175 degrees Fahrenheit (80 degrees Celsius) for 6 hours, then let cool in oven for 2 hours. (You can bake overnight, simply set oven to go off in 6 hours.) Once cool, meringues should come off baking paper easily.


Make the chocolate cream: Add all ingredients to pot, melt on low flame, let cool overnight.


Make white cream: Whip dairy whip on medium for about 1 minute until fluffy, do not overmix. Add pudding and confectionary sugar towards the end of the mixing. Put cream into piping bag with round tip 12 millimetres wide.


Place one meringue leaf on serving tray. With a spoon, thickly layer on chocolate cream (about a quarter) Leave a 1 cm border. Work gently, being careful not to crack meringue. (If it does crack, put pieces into place and continue.)


Pipe dairy whip (about 1/2) in the same shape as the meringue, up and down, going all the way to the edges.


Place 2nd meringue leaf on top and repeat with both cream layers.


Place 3rd merengue on top, then a layer of chocolate cream. (No white cream.) Decorate with nuts, mini chocolates…


Melt leftover chocolate cream completely and drizzle over cake.


Keep frozen and defrost not more than an hour before serving.


Use within 3 weeks (after, it will begin to sink).