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Emerald Green Cabbage Salad


I named this salad so because of its gorgeous emerald-color dressing. I’ve tried many different versions of it (nobody minds eating Succos food in the spring — it’s better than eating Pesach food on Chanukah, which we often do because of deadlines!), and they all went over very well. Personalize the salad and garnish to your liking. My favorite is cabbage with small chunks of dried apricot. Love the flavor and color combo. Thanks go to my daughter-in-law Chaya for the idea.


Prepare the Garnish

1. Place all ingredients in a small frying pan and heat together for about 10 minutes over a low/medium flame. When the nuts start to pop, they’re ready.

Prepare the Dressing

1. Place all ingredients in the food processor fitted with the knife blade. Blend together for a few minutes until it turns emerald green. (This lasts in the fridge for about two weeks.)

To Serve

1. Pour cabbage into a large bowl. Add add-ins of your choice, or leave as is. I often just serve this salad with cabbage alone.
2. Immediately before serving, add dressing to taste. Mix together well.
3. Top with roasted nuts or serve nuts on the side. Alternatively, you can add chopped candied pecans instead.


If you prefer a richer dressing, omit the water and increase the oil to 3/4 cup. For a really low-fat version, use 1/4 cup each oil, low-fat mayo, and water. It tastes delicious, but it will be white with green flecks as opposed to that gorgeous shade of green.


Props and Styling by Renee Muller
Photography by Hudi Greenberger