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Fire-Roasted Chili Eggplant


I always love a hearty vegetable that presents well, even at a barbecue. When we grill all summer long, this is a great one to include on Fridays for an easy and delicious Shabbat side dish.   Yields 1 eggplant


Prepare the Fire-Roasted Chili Eggplant

1. Preheat grill to medium heat (around 400 degrees Fahrenheit/200 degrees Celsius). Spray the grill very well so that the eggplant doesn’t stick.
2. Combine the oil and spices and brush all over the eggplant. Grill for 40 minutes, turning every 10 minutes. Serve with techinah.


Food and Prop Styling by Goldie Stern
Photography by Moshe Wulliger