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Frozen Fire Ices


This is a great dessert because people are usually very full after all of the heavy fried foods so it’s a nice refreshing light way to end the meal.

Submitted by Gila Einhorn



Blend frozen mango with 1/4 cup orange juice concentrate and 1/4 cup water. Set aside.


Blend frozen strawberries with one quarter cup orange juice concentrate and one quarter cup water. I like to make these in ice pop molds. First I pour in the mango mixture to fill the mold halfway and then the strawberry mixture on top. I also make these in Chanukah-themed molds like dreidels, stars, and menorahs. I take two spoons, one of each mixture, and pour into the mold at the same time from opposite ends. The mixtures meet in the middle.


Freeze overnight. The ices taste best in the first two weeks after they are made.


The orange juice concentrate is better than plain orange juice because it makes the ices a little creamier. Feel free to use less water for a creamier result.