Frozen Praline Mousse Cups with Hazelnut Filled Bamba

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  • Cooking and Prep: 20 m
  • Serves: 10
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Who doesn’t love the hazelnut-filled Bamba snacks that can be found in most American grocery stores these days? I wanted to create a dessert that would incorporate the flavors of this popular snack, and this creamy and delicious frozen treat fits the bill!

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Prepare the Mousse

  1. In a food processor fitted with the S blade, process three bags of Bamba until fine crumbs form. Pat approximately two tablespoons of crumbs into the bottoms of 10 clear dessert cups (I used 6.75-ounce/200-gram bowl-shaped cups). Set aside remaining crumbs for garnish.

  2. Take the remaining bags of Bamba and wedge six pieces of Bamba into the crumbs in each cup, standing them straight up and evenly spaced around the inside perimeter of the cup.

  3. In a large mixing bowl, beat half a cup parve whipping cream with one tablespoon of praline paste. Place mixture into a piping bag fitted with a star tip. Pour the remaining parve whipping cream into the mixing bowl and beat until soft peaks form. Add eggs and sugars and continue to beat until stiff. Add cocoa powder and remaining three tablespoons praline paste and beat on low speed until incorporated. (The mousse may lose some of its stiffness; that’s okay.)

  4. Divide the mousse among the cups, then pipe large stars in the center of each cup. Garnish with Bamba crumbs. Freeze until a few minutes before serving.


Photography: Moishe Wulliger

Food Styling: Renee Muller

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