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Garlic-Fennel Chicken

Meat Meat
6 Servings Serving Icon
1 Hour, 40 Minutes Preferences Icon

Tired of all your usual chicken recipes? Here’s a twist you won’t regret. Don’t be afraid of the fennel – cooked, it tastes nothing like it does when raw. This is one of our favorite Shabbos dishes.


Prepare the Chicken


In a large pot, heat one tablespoon oil. Add onion and sauté over low heat.


In a small bowl, mix together the sauce ingredients. Baste chicken with sauce on all sides. Set aside remaining sauce.


Remove the round fennel stalks. Cut the roots into halves or quarters and wash well, including between the leaves. Add the fennel to the onion in the pot. Pour remainder of sauce and water over it.


Arrange chicken pieces on top of the fennel, cover pot, and bring to a boil. Cook on medium heat for up to an hour and a half. Serve with white rice to absorb the gravy.


Styling and Photography: Shoshi Sirkis