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Grilled Beef Kebobs


This recipe is super quick and easy. You can make it on a grill or in the oven. It’s great for supper or a late-afternoon barbecue; a friend of mine even makes them on Friday, and serves them for Shabbat lunch. They’re good hot, cold, or at room temperature, and you can use any combination of vegetables you like. Oh—and most importantly, they’re delicious!

Warning! If you’re grilling, make sure to soak the skewers in water for at least 30 minutes before you start (unless you have secret pyromaniac tendencies, and specifically want them to go up in flames . . . ).



Cut the meat into approximately one-inch chunks. Don’t stress too much about getting them exactly right—as long as they are approximately the same size, they’ll cook evenly.


Prepare the marinade. Measure the soy sauce, olive oil, garlic, honey/apricot jam and red wine vinegar into a blender and whip together until you have a thick, slightly scary-looking, bowl of brown liquid.


Throw in the meat and let the flavors work their magic. You can do it in a bowl, or in a zip-top bag (like I did). The meat needs at least 30 minutes in the marinade, but it can definitely be longer. You can even prepare the meat the night before, and let it marinate until you use it.


Meanwhile, prepare the vegetables. It’s very important not to cut the pieces too small! You want there to be enough space on all sides of the skewer that the piece doesn’t break. Some vegetables are more sensitive than others. Mushrooms, for example—cut them much bigger than you’d think. I often just cut them in half, or quarters if they’re bigger mushrooms.


This is actually a great recipe to make as an activity with children. Older kids who can safely use a sharp knife can really do almost all the work themselves. I’ve done it a number of times in a preschool classroom, where the kids are using only plastic knives. I cut the peppers and zucchini into strips, and then they cut pieces. Mushrooms they can do entirely on their own. Same with grape tomatoes and pineapple. I use hot dogs when I do it with kids, because I don’t want them to accidentally lick the raw meat, so that’s another option (although it’s a lot easier to keep a watchful eye at home, so use your own judgment, of course).


Time for a skewering party! Keep the ingredients separate, so that everyone can use whichever combination of vegetables they would like (you can see from my pictures that I did not include grape tomatoes . . . ). Carefully thread the vegetables and meat onto the skewers, leaving some space between each (this helps it cook properly). Make sure you don’t stab yourself (or anyone else!) with the pointy end.


Grill for eight to 10 minutes, or bake at 450 degrees Fahrenheit for about 10 minutes . . . I know it’s hard, but try to wait at least long enough that you don’t burn your mouth on them . . . (yes, they are that delicious). They’re even relatively healthy (assuming you use a lot of vegetables).