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Herbed Chicken and Vegetable Endive Boats


While I was having my sheitel set, the discussion turned to recipes (of course), and this amazing dressing is the result of that appointment. (Thanks, Reena, love you!) It’s so good, I judged it one-hundred percent Chanukah-party-worthy!


Prepare the Herbed Chicken and Vegetable Endive Boats

1. In a large frying pan, sauté chicken cubes in oil until no longer pink. Season with salt and pepper and transfer to a large mixing bowl.
2. Place zucchini and yellow squash into pan and add a bit more oil. Sauté until al dente and transfer to bowl with chicken. Add red pepper strips; stir gently to combine.

Prepare the Dressing

1. Combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl and blend with an immersion blender. If it’s very thick, add a spoonful or two of water to thin out. Drizzle over cooked chicken.


1. Divide zucchini and pepper mixture among small bowls or endive leaves and top with chicken.


This dressing is also great for grilled chicken salad. It keeps well in the fridge for up to a week.


Try This! Swap the endives for angel hair pasta for a delicous meal in one!


Prop Styling by Shiri Feldman

Photography by Felicia Perretti