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Homemade Uncrustables


On a recent summer trip to the boondocks of Long Island I discovered the world’s greatest invention since sliced bread. Ironically enough, it’s sliced bread with delicious filling and no crust: the amazingly and satisfyingly delicious Uncrustable (note: this store-bought item is not pas Yisrael), a peanut butter and jelly sandwich pocket sold in the freezer section of grocery stores far and wide.

But here’s the thing: Not only did these delicious treats cost a pretty penny (an average of $3 per Uncrustable), I knew that with a little effort I could put my own “Sarah twist” on them and make them not
only cheaper, but heartier and tastier.

And oh boy, did I ever!


Prepare Homemade Uncrustables


Use the cookie cutter to cut out circles from the middle of the bread.


Spread peanut butter in the center of one circle and jelly on another, leaving the edges clear. Press together to make a sandwich, then use the fork to press down around the edge of your uncrustable to seal the pocket.


Wrap tightly in plastic wrap and freeze.


I quickly learned that Uncrustables really need that soft, white bread-like texture. The healthier, grainier breads don’t lend themselves to nicely sealed pockets. However, I did find that if I used the soft whole wheat bread, microwaved for 30 seconds to soften it even further, it worked like a charm.



• Try adding very thinly sliced fruit, such as bananas and apples.


• Add chocolate chips and seeds for added texture and flavor.


• Try a different version with cream cheese, sliced cheese and tomatoes. Anything goes!



Photo by Sara Goldstein