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Hungarian Goulash


Submitted by Carol Solomon


Excellent stewed beef dish that goes well with spätzle or noodles. Serve with a salad or green vegetable. Flavored with caraway, peppers and sauerkraut.



Cut the meat into 2-centimeter cubes. Dice the onions and sauté in oil until translucent. Mix the paprika powder with 3 tablespoons water and stir into the onions. When the water has evaporated, stir in the meat and salt. Let simmer covered for 10 minutes.


Halve the peppers and cut in thin strips. Add the peppers, caraway seeds, and tomato paste diluted with a little water to the meat. Simmer 20 minutes, covered.


Add sauerkraut and its juice and simmer covered an additional 30 minutes. Stir the sour cream substitute and flour until smooth. Add to the goulash and allow to simmer an additional 10 minutes, uncovered.