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Iced Mocha Coffee


When I was living in Yerushalayim, being far from family meant that friends filled that void. Whenever a vort (engagement party), Chanukah party, or another occasion was celebrated at home without us, it was an excuse for some neighborly TLC and a get-together with my neighbors, whether it was a party we planned or just a spontaneous shmooze on the front steps of our building. My neighbor Esther M. used to bring this iced coffee to any party that took place in our building. I miss all those shmoozes over coffee.


1. In a large bowl, combine coffee, chocolate syrup, sugars, and liqueur with boiling water and mix until dissolved.
2. Stir in milk and serve.


For that extra slushy coffee, prepare the coffee mixture and keep it separate from the milk. Freeze milk in ice cube trays and then blend to create a slush. Once blended, add coffee mixture and mix.