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Lamb Carbonara



The Day Before

1. Remove bone from lamb rack, then place rack into your cure. Cure is 30% Salt and 70% Sugar mixed with black peppercorns, star anise, fennel seeds, coriander, allspice, and about 5% pink salt (add to taste and try your mixture along the way to make sure it is to your liking). You can place the lamb in the cure up to a week out in the fridge. If day of, do at room temperature.
2. Once curing is complete, smoke lamb using your preferred method. If you can’t smoke your lamb, you can use a liquid smoke during the rendering process when the lamb is in the pan.

The Recipe

1. Boil some water with salt mixed in to create a saline solution. Keep at a simmer throughout the duration of the recipe.
2. Take your smoked and cured lamb and cut into long strips, then cut into tiny, 1/4-inch pieces.
3. Place into the pan to render down the fat for about half an hour, bringing out that fat content and getting a nice crunch.
4. Fill a bowl with either all-purpose or double zero flour (which is very high quality). Crack two eggs into the bowl and mix it in until you get a pasta ball.
5. Let pasta ball rest for 15 minutes, then remove and press into sheets.
6. Cut pasta into long strips. Cut up shallots. Cut thin slices of garlic (chiffonade).
7. Place a small amount of olive oil into a medium heat pan. Add shallots for a quick sauté, crack an egg and separate the yolk, add your rendered lamb and a dollop of margarine, along with an ounce or two of your saline solution.
8. Next add your pasta to the boiling saline solution.
9. Add fresh peas to your pan along with your vegan parmesan.
10. Add the pasta from the water to the pan after about two minutes and stir.
11. Lastly, add a little more water and your egg yolk. Keep the egg yolk moving so it doesn’t settle and scramble. By keeping the egg moving it will mix into everything.
12. Stop stirring and remove from burner after no more than a minute.
13. Add to bowl and serve!