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Leah’s Challah


I hope you enjoy the special satisfaction and spiritual elevation in the mitzvah of taking challah. WATCH this recipe in a step-by-step video at www.LadiesTalkshow.com, it’s called “Challah with Hatzalah!”




Fill large measuring cup with warm water, one tablespoon of sugar, and one tablespoon flour.


Whisk in yeast, then cover with two pieces of tin foil (to remind you to take challah later).


Pour remaining flour and sugar into a huge bowl.


Crack eggs into a large measuring cup (inside the sink to avoid a mess).


Hold eggs up to the light to confirm no blood spots (if found, ask a rabbi or discard).


Add oil into the same cup.

Making the Dough


Pour foamy yeast into the huge bowl and spin the bowl while you mix (or use a machine).


Soon pour in the egg and oil mixture and keep spinning the bowl and mixing.


Turn out onto the counter and knead three to eight minutes.


Spray oil into a huge bowl, place the dough inside, and spray the top.

Taking Challah


Twist off an egg size piece of Challah and say: Baruch Atah Adonoi Elohainu Melech Haolam, Asher Kidshanu B’mitzvotav V’tzivanu L’hafrish Challah. (Blessed are You, L-rd our G‑d, King of the Universe, who has sanctified us with His commandments and commanded us to separate challah.)


Then hold up that egg size piece and declare: Ha’reh Zo Challah (This is Challah).


Shape the challah into two thin flat pieces, burn in a gas flame with an old fork that you never use for food.  Or double wrap very securely in the two pieces of foil you used to cover the yeast, and bake in an empty oven or toaster oven until completely black ashes.


Cover the dough with a towel and let rise for two to four hours.



Punch down the challah in the bowl, and turn out onto counter or board.


Cut the dough into eight pieces for large challahs, 12 for medium, and 60 for rolls.


Cut each piece into three to eight pieces, braid, egg, and sprinkle sesame seeds on top.


Full instructions for making other shapes at www.LadiesTalkshow.com in a video called, “Challah with Hatzalah!” Some ideas:

1) Roll Shapes: knots, crescents, Kaisers, stretched, eights, pretzels, cupcake tins.

2) Cinnamon rolls – roll flat with rolling pin, fill with cinnamon sugar roll up and slice.

3) Babka – roll flat with rolling pin, fill with chocolate, roll up and place in pan.

4) Pull-apart challah – place stretched rolls into a pan .

5) Basket weave fruit filled – roll flat, fill fruit in middle, weave strips over the top.

6) Rosh Hashana crown challah – pull apart challah.

7 Mazel Tov letters / Napkin rings (bake them on foil-covered paper towel roll)