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Lotus-Filled Dreidel Puffs

Parve Parve
6 Servings Serving Icon
40 Minutes Preferences Icon

Submitted by Esty Kornhauser



Use a dreidel-shaped cookie cutter or a knife to shape the puff pastry dough into dreidels. You will need two layers for each puff. Sprinkle a bit of powdered sugar onto the shaped dough and gently spread with a pastry brush.


Combine every two dreidel shapes- one on top of the other- with both sugared sides facing inwards.


Using a fork, make tiny lines facing inwards all around the outline of each set so that the two shapes connect, while staying with space in the center for the filling. Leave a small gap open, at the edge, for the filling to be squeezed in.


Heat oil in a deep frying pan. Lower heat, and fry dreidels on each side until golden and puffy. Make sure not to overdo- puffs can burn easily.


Let the puffs cool. Then, fill a piping bag (small sized tip works best) with Lotus cream. Use a knife to gently open the gap at the edge and widen space in the center if needed. Carefully, squeeze in just enough cream to fill the puff. Fill all of them.


Drizzle with some Lotus cream on top if desired and serve fresh or within the next few hours. Happy Chanukah!