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Marinated Basil Chicken Salad


Though it was 12 years ago, I remember that summer Shabbos morning clearly. Ruchie S. had stopped at my bungalow with a salad and told me I must try it at Shabbos lunch. And I really enjoyed it! A little less oil and a touch more zing…and the result is a fantastic recipe that I know you’ll all love.


Prepare the Chicken Cutlets

1. Place whole cutlets in a pot. Cover with the white wine and bring to boil. Lower heat and let simmer for 20 minutes. Drain and cool. Cut chicken into cubes.
2. Prepare the marinade. In a small container, whisk olive oil, vinegar, water, lemon juice, basil, salt, sugar, pepper, and garlic together.
3. Pour a little more than half the marinade over the cubed cutlets. Place them in the refrigerator to marinate overnight. Reserve remaining dressing.

Prepare the Salad

1. To assemble the salad, combine lettuce, yellow pepper, grape tomato, and red onion in a large salad bowl.

To Serve

1. Top salad with marinated chicken cubes and toss with reserved dressing. For individual portions, you can top with marinated chicken after you’ve already tossed with dressing (as pictured).