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Meat and Potato Sheet Board


Another total cheat… I either use Shabbos leftovers for the meat part or go to my local takeout counter and buy some delicious cooked roast slices (no one’s the wiser) and serve it cold. I love a good cold roast. Make some fresh chimichurri. Steam up some long-stem asparagus. Bake a few hasselback potatoes. Make some boxed mashed potatoes. Sauté a little onions and mushrooms…and voila! A crazy-good meat and potato sheet board is done! Oh, and sometimes I throw some really good, expensive mustard and mayo together with a little maple syrup and I make a killer potato dressing. So this is a semi-cook board, but still super fast.


Prepare the Chimichurri Sauce

1. Blend it all up and your meat condiment is done and delicious!


I love using baking sheets as my boards. They have lipped edges to contain the food, are large enough to fit everything, and they go in the dishwasher after!


Photography by Sara Goldstein