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Nougat Semifreddo


Semifreddo is Italian for “half-cold.” It has traditionally been achieved by mixing cream with a meringue made from egg whites. The taste and texture of semifreddo has been compared to mousse, and it melts in the mouth quicker than ice cream. You can play around with the fruit or nuts you want to add. Have fun!


Prepare Dessert

1. Beat egg whites until soft peaks form.
2. Combine honey, sugar, and water in a small but heavy-bottomed saucepan.
3. Stir over low heat until sugar dissolves and syrup is clear.
4. Raise heat and bring syrup to a boil.  Boil without stirring for two minutes. Remove from heat.
5. In a separate bowl, beat the cream with the almond extract until it reaches the consistency of sour cream.
6. Fold the cream and almonds into the meringue. Gently fold in remaining ingredients.
7. Place in a freezerproof container and then cover and freeze overnight.
8. Slowly and carefully beat the hot syrup into the egg whites, pouring in a thin stream. Continue beating until the meringue has cooled, about five minutes.


For a dairy version, use heavy cream instead of non-dairy creamer.

You can also use 3/4 cup pomegranate arils instead of the dried cherries. 


Photography: Daniel Lailah

Styling: Amit Farber