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Oyster Mushroom Schnitzel

Meat Meat
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Submitted by Carolina Gelen


This is one of the best ways to eat mushrooms. I grew up with my mother making these for us. It was surely a family favorite.



Prepare the marinade by mixing all the ingredients together and massage it into the mushrooms.


Get those mushrooms clean and dry.


Prepare your coating station: add the flour to a dish/platter, add the eggs, salt and pepper to a bowl and the bread crumbs into a third container – you can mix sesame seed into the bread crumbs, or everything bagel seasoning.


Dump your mushrooms in the flour and make sure each piece is evenly coated.


 Run each piece of mushroom into the egg batter (or just dump all of them in there at once).


Next, coat each piece of mushroom with the bread crumbs.


Pour some neutral oil into a deep pan on medium high heat and wait until it reaches 350 degrees F (or once you add a mushroom to it it starts sizzling immediately). Lower the heat to medium low, once it reaches that point.


Carefully add each piece of mushroom to the hot oil and cook until golden brown, flipping them half way through the frying.


Pull the mushrooms out, sprinkle some more salt on top while they’re still hot and let them chill on a cooling rack.