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Personalizeable Granola Bars

Parve Parve
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Submitted by Reva Yaffe


The cool thing about these granola bars is that you can personalize them as you please. Don’t like almonds…leave them out and add a different nut…or something totally else instead.

Also the best part of these is the quinoa, which pops when it gets roasted in the oven. Make some extra popped quinoa when roasting the ingredients to add to yogurts or cookies for an extra protein filled crunch.



Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F.


Combine the oatmeal, rice crispies and other add-ins. Spread over a baking sheet (should be a THIN layer. Use two baking sheets if it is thick)


Toast in the oven for about 10 minutes, or until ingredients are lightly browned.


In a pot combine the honey, oil, brown sugar and cinnamon. Heat over a low-medium heat, stirring often until everything is melted into a thick syrup.


Pour the syrup over the toasted dry ingredients and mix.


Pour into a 9×13 pan, spread and press down (use a spatula because it will be hot).


Let cool for 15 minutes. Cut into bars.


to make regular granola do not press the ingredients down and just let them cool clumped.