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Pesto Meat Pizza


Submitted by Chani Pollak   I was eating out at a restaurant when I ordered their famous pizza. I was so obsessed with it I decided to come home and try it myself and that’s how this came to be 🙂


Prepare the Roasted Vegetables

1. Slice the onions in quarters (half and then each half in half again). Then slice the tomato into thin slices and place everything on a baking sheet. Drizzle oil, salt, and pepper.
2. Roast uncovered on broil setting (if don’t have then 400F) about 10-30 minutes depending on your oven. (Check on it because you don’t want it to burn.)

Prepared the Grilled Chicken

1. Dip your chicken into the pesto to coat it and grill it about 5 minutes per side. As soon as that’s done, grill your plain pastrami for a few seconds just until it gets a little crispy. (You don’t need to put anything on the pastrami, the grill pan already has flavor from the chicken).


1. Roll out your dough onto a pizza pan and spread pesto all over as the base sauce. Then place your roasted vegetable on top starting with the tomatoes and then the onions after (you can take the onion slices apart when you’re layering so it layers well).
2. Take a chicken scissor and cut your chicken and pastrami into small pieces and scatter all around on top of the vegetables. (You can cut the chicken to whatever size you prefer, but it’s easier to eat the pizza when they are smaller pieces).
3. Bake like instructed on dough package.
4. Drizzle garlic mayo over it before you serve.