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Radish Top Pesto


I bet a lot of you didn’t know that you can eat the tops of radishes. I was at the Farmers market (again!) and the vendor who sold me the radishes asked me if I wanted to keep the tops. I was curious as to why I would want to keep them and he told me they were edible. Of course I was keeping them!


I was intrigued. I also felt like I got two vegetables for the price of one. I googled radish tops to see what I could make with it. Pesto came up as an option. I decided to make Radish Top Pesto and I wanted it to be vegan. I chose nuts that I already had at home and that I thought would complement the spiciness of the leaves. The combination is perfect. I also love that this pesto doesn’t oxidize like basil pesto. It keeps its vibrant green color. I served it with roasted radishes and it was delicious.



Wash and dry the radish tops and set aside.


Add garlic, olive oil, pistachios and salt to a food processor using the S blade. Process until slightly chunky.


Add radish tops and process until it reaches consistency in picture above.


Serve with roasted vegetables or crudite.


Remove the tops as soon as possible to retain the freshness of the radishes. Radishes will keep in the refrigerator for a long time.