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Rivka’s Easy Whole Foods Sweet Potato Pie


Shabbos lunch staple! This can be made with or without the skins intact. Keeping the skins on adds fiber and nutrition. I use my Vitamix to get those skins really blended in well and no one is the wiser! Great for babies and toddlers as well.


Prepare the Sweet Potato Pie


Scrub and pierce sweet potatoes.


Cook or bake them until soft. (I love using my Instant pot steamer insert for this!).


When done, put sweet potatoes in a high-speed mixer (Vitamix) or food processor.


Stream in cooking water or unsweetened vanilla plant milk (as much as you need to get the mixture to move in the blender) and blend on high to create pureed consistency.


Optional: If sweet potatoes aren’t sweet enough, add desired sweeter to taste.


Place sweet potato puree in an “oven to table” baking dish, like a Pyrex.


Mix topping and place on top of sweet potatoes. Bake for about 15 to 20 minutes until the topping has slightly browned.


Can be made ahead and frozen. I like to freeze the pies before the final bake (sweet potatoes blended and put in the pie dishes, without the nuts, covered tightly with a double layer of saran wrap. I then add the nuts and bake it when I am ready to serve it. (I actually keep large batches of these chopped nuts mixed with maple syrup in my freezer so I can easily add them on at the last minute without the mess.)


Warm up uncovered in the oven or on top of the crock pot/blech.


No need to buy chopped pecans and pay more. Give whole ones a quick pulse in the Vitamix or food processor to get the size pieces you want.


Photo by Rivka Braverman