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Schnitzel Caesar Salad


Submitted by Malka Behboudikha


This recipe is simple to make and does not require any talent. The final product will make everything worth it. The schnitzel adds a juicy crunch to the salad while the Caesar dressing adds a sweet taste to all the flavors.




Begin by taking the turkey breasts and dipping them in the flour on both sides.


Meanwhile, crack the egg on a separate plate and mix the yolk with the whites until they are mixed.


Then, when the turkey breasts are all covered with flour, dip them in the egg until they are fully covered with the egg.


Lastly, take the turkey breasts and cover them up with the seasoned bread crumbs.


Once they are all seasoned, get a frying pan and add some oil to begin frying the turkey breasts. Have the stove on a medium temperature. Place the turkey breasts in and flip them over after you feel that one side is ready. When they are golden brown and you feel they are ready, take them out. After they have cooled down for a few minutes, cut them up into small chunks.



Place lettuce on a plate and chop the tomatoes and add them on top. You can also add other vegetables of your choice to your salad. After having the salad you desire, top it off with the chopped sizzling schnitzel bites.

Caesar Dressing


Place the mayonnaise in a cup together with the other ingredients. Mix the ingredients together until it is a nice consistency. When it is all done, drizzle it onto your salad.