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Simple and Decadent Chocolate Ganache with Chocolate Dipped Potato Chips


Sometimes the most important ingredient is the one you leave out. This is the quickest mousse you will ever make. It’s incredibly dense and luxurious and yields pure pleasure with every bite, sure to become part of your cooking repertoire long after the holiday is over. With few ingredients, the chocolate is the star. The mousse is kept refrigerated—not frozen—to maintain a creamy and rich texture. What I also love about this mousse is, besides for the chocolate, there are not much added fats.

You can serve this mousse in mini dessert cups for a perfectly portioned sweet ending or double the recipe and serve in martini glasses.


Prepare the Mousse


Melt the chocolate over a double boiler. Remove from heat.


Add the eggs, sugar, and liqueur (optional) and beat until combined. Pour mousse into 10 mini mousse cups or 5 martini glasses. Refrigerate.


Beat whipped topping until firm peaks form. Place two generous dollops of cream on top of each mousse cup. Keep refrigerated until ready to serve.


Noblesse 55% chocolate works marvelously in this recipe. 

For the Garnish


Potato chips dipped in chocolate add a fabulous element of surprise. To prepare the potato chips, dip half of a salted chip in melted chocolate and allow to dry on parchment paper. Make a large batch so you can place a bowl heaped with these delightful chips in the center of the table, or serve extra chips on the side of the mousse.


When ready to serve mousse, garnish each cup with a chocolate-dipped potato chip.