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Sloppy Beer Dogs

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As a bachur in yeshiva, my day-to-day struggles are real. Although the yeshiva’s cook tries his best, you just cannot satisfy the 150 bottomless pits known as yeshiva bachurim. Therefore, resourcefulness is the way to survive. Sneaking into the kitchen after hours and doing my thing became my specialty. I would always try to make the best of the limited ingredients available. For example: chicken legs, every yeshiva bachur’s nightmare, became my favorite dinner. Why? Simple, I would sneak into the kitchen, grab a knife & two chicken legs while they’re still raw & then painstakingly debone them and grill them. Grilled baby chicken twice a week for dinner! After my baby chicken success, I always had my eye out for something new using just the basics. As beer is an easy commodity in yeshiva 😉 combining it with almost all my kitchen endeavors just made sense. After much trying, tweaking & redoing. I present “Sloppy beer dogs”!


Main ingredients

  • 1 onion

  • 1/2 cup of oil

  • 1 package hot dogs (usually about 6)

  • 1 beer (any type will work, although I prefer Heineken)

  • dash of cayenne pepper

  • dash of salt

  • 1 teaspoon cornstarch

  • 2 teaspoons cold water


Prepare the Sloppy Beer Dogs


To make any recipe awesome you gotta get sautéed onions in it. So, start with cutting your onion into thin rings. Remember cutting thin is key to a delicious stringy oniony dish. Then once cut up add the onions to a sauté pan with oil in it, let it sauté low and slow for about half an hour.


Meanwhile heat up another sauté pan or cast iron if you have. While your pan is heating up, slice your hot dogs into thin rings (about a quarter of an inch). Then place your hot dogs into the heated pan and let it get a little sear. Once seared add the sautéed onions to the hot dogs. Be sure to take them out of the oil first. Once you have your onions and sliced hot dogs in the frying pan add your bottle of beer, a dash of cayenne pepper & a dash of salt. Let it come to a boil, then lower it to a simmer.


While your frying pan is simmering take 2 teaspoons of cold water and add 1 teaspoon of cornstarch to it (Make sure the water is cold because hot water will just clump together. Trust me, I tried.) Mix well to get a nice slurry. Once the beer starts simmering down and cooking out you should be left with your hot dog mixture with about half the beer cooked out. At this point add the cornstarch to thicken the liquid and mix well.


Serve in a toasted hot dog bun & enjoy!

Sloppy Beer Dogs

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