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Slow-Cooked Vegetable Roast


I tried sticking to basic ingredients when creating this recipe, and I used an inexpensive cut of meat for a change. Baked at a lower temperature than usual, the meat slowly releases its juices, and the result is a fabulously succulent, super-flavorful roast. Freezes well too.


Prepare the Slow-Cooked Vegetable Roast

1. Preheat oven to 320 degrees Fahrenheit (160 degrees Celsius).
2. Combine paste ingredients in a small bowl. Smear evenly all over meat.
3. Combine all the vegetables and the grated apple in a medium bowl. Prepare two large pieces of overlapping Gefen Parchment Paper on the counter. Place about one-third of the vegetable mixture in the center. Place roast on top of vegetables. Pour the remaining vegetable mixture on top of the roast and press down to stick. Pour wine all over the roast.
4. Wrap well in parchment paper, and then in a double layer of foil. Carefully place in a roasting pan. Place in oven and bake for three hours, or until done. Cool overnight before slicing.


I find it easier to wrap the meat on the counter, instead of trying to do it in a pan. If wrapped well, the liquid won’t spill when you transfer it to the pan.


Photography by Felicia Peretti
Food and Prop Styling by Goldie Stern