Recipe by Miriam (Pascal) Cohen

Spiralized Two-Tone Potatoes with Herb Oil

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This recipe is for anyone out there who likes their potatoes really crispy — everyone in the Pascal clan, for starters! If you’re thinking to yourself, But I don’t have a spiralizer for Pesach, let me tell you, this recipe might change your mind. Or you can get yourself a julienne peeler — as long as you get the long, thin strands of crispy potato, you’re going to love this addictive dish. And here’s one more tip — double this recipe or it might disappear straight from the pan!


Two-Tone Potatoes

  • 1 sweet potato, peeled

  • 3 red potatoes, peeled

  • 1/3 cup herb oil, plus extra, for drizzling (recipe follows)

Herb Oil

  • fresh parsley

  • fresh dill

  • fresh cilantro

  • fresh basil

  • garlic cloves, smashed


Prepare the Spiralized Two-Tone Potatoes


Preheat oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit (230 degrees Celsius). Line a baking sheet with Gefen Parchment Paper and set aside.


Spiralize sweet and red potatoes, or cut using a julienne peeler. Place on prepared baking sheet. Add herb oil (recipe follows), salt, and pepper and toss until evenly coated.


Bake for 40 minutes, until the edges are crispy. Drizzle extra herb oil over potatoes just before serving.

Prepare the Herb Oil


Place flavorings of your choice into a container or mason jar. Add oil to cover.


Allow flavorings to infuse for at least a few days in the oil, or you can blend it to incorporate the flavors more quickly. Use in place of olive oil to add extra flavor to your dishes.


Styling and Photography by Miriam Pascal

Spiralized Two-Tone Potatoes with Herb Oil

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