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Steak with Caramelized Onions


Submitted by Liela Yidis Linshe


My mother was the inspiration for this recipe. When my second son was born she cooked a heavenly prime bola dish for the vachnacht. That recipe was a bit long-winded but it was delicious and I prepared it for the next Yom Tov and for many other occasions after that. One fine day, as I was thinking of supper, this recipe fell into my head, and although the results are completely different from the original recipe, I like to remember that the inspiration came from my mother.
Whenever I serve it I get rave reviews, and almost always need to share the recipe!



Sauté onions in oil, on low flame until light brown (approx 30 minutes).


Add sugar and soup powder and mix well to combine.


Pour onion mixture into a large bowl.


Rinse and pat dry the steak.


Season steak with salt and pepper to taste.


Heat a non-stick pan on a high flame, add steak and fry until it is done to your taste – you will probably need to do this in batches. You want to have control over how the steaks get cooked, so do not overcrowd the pan.


Put the cooked steak into the bowl with the onion mixture.


Once all the steak is cooked mix well to combine.


Eat and enjoy.