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Sushi Inspired Wontons


Submitted by Miriam Bromberg   Looking for an impressive fish appetizer to spice up your Shabbos table? Look no further than this delectable and elegant appetizer. These crispy wontons are stuffed with cream cheese, scallions and Kani or salmon, avocado and scallions. One word: YUM!


Mock Crab Wontons

1. Mix cream cheese, scallions and Kani.
2. Spoon mixture onto wonton wrapper.
3. Fold and seal with water (follow package directions on how to fold).
4. Fry evenly on both sides.
5. Serve with duck sauce.


These can be made in advance and frozen. When ready to fry, defrost approximately a half hour beforehand. To warm, place uncovered in 250 degree oven.

Salmon Wontons

1. Marinate salmon in duck sauce, salt and pepper for a half hour.
2. Mix avocado, scallions and salmon.
3. Spoon onto wontons and seal with water.
4. Fry evenly on both sides.
5. Serve with teriyaki sauce and/or spicy mayo.