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Sweet Potato Hash


I’m usually all for crazy ingredients and hard-to-source condiments, but sometimes I just love a warm hearty dish made with ingredients I always have on hand. And not to be a completely overdone 2016 trend, but many times I just plate this with a runny egg on top and call it a day.



Prepare your ingredients by dicing the beef fry, onions, pepper (if using) and sweet potato to a medium dice.


In your largest skillet or a cast iron pan, over medium heat, brown the beef fry until it has released oil and is starting to get crispy. Add in the onion and pepper and let brown, about seven minutes. Add in the sweet potato and stir to combine, then cover for five minutes, so the potatoes can steam.


Uncover and continue to cook, adding extra olive oil as necessary. Season with salt and plenty of fresh cracked pepper, and hot paprika. Continue to cook, stirring occasionally until the potatoes are crispy.


Make this up to a day ahead and just reheat over medium flame when ready to serve.