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The Ultimate Cheese Blintz Recipe


Submitted by Sarah Drach


This recipe is a family favorite and is enjoyed at our Chanukah party every year without fail.

There is something so satisfying about the bite in the crepe and the creaminess in the cheese mixture that has everyone going back for seconds. Try this recipe once and you will never try a different blintz recipe again. Enjoy!


For the Batter


Beat the eggs and sugar with a hand blender until combined.


Add milk, oil, cinnamon and salt and mix well.


Slowly incorporate the flour into the mixture until a smooth batter forms.

For the Crepes


Heat frying pan and grease generously with cooking oil spray.


Fill 3/4 of a soup ladle with batter and pour into the pan making sure that the entire bottom surface is covered with batter.


Fry until lightly golden on both sides.


Regrease pan when necessary.

For the Cheese Filling


Combine all ingredients with a hand blender until a nice, thick, consistency is reached. If mixture is still a little runny, add confectioners’ sugar to thicken.

To Assemble


Spread a generous tablespoon of cheese filling on each crepe. Slightly fold one side and opposite side toward center and roll up crepe.