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Tomato Caprese


Chef Chris is embracing the best of summer produce with this flavor-packed Caprese salad. To take things up a notch, make fresh basil oil and basil powder to complement this bright flavors of this dish.

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Prepare the Basil Oil

1. Pluck off the basil leaves from the stems.
2. Add to a blender about 30% oil (prefer canola or a blend, not extra virgin) and then about 20% salt. Add the basil leaves to the blender (reserve a few for garnish) and put on high until everything in the blender is moving. Wait six to eight minutes (be careful, as the blender will get super hot!)
3. Once the time has passed, place five layers of cheesecloth in a strainer, then strain off the solids. You should get a beautiful green oil!
4. Cut tomatoes into wedges and place in a bowl. Squeeze the juice of the lemon into the bowl, and add salt (go heavy) and pepper.
5. Add frisee and/or arugula to the bowl.
6. Get just a few basil leaves and pluck them – remember, do not use a knife! Add them to the bowl.

Prepare the Basil Powder

1. Add maltodextrin powder to a robo-coupe or food processor, slowly. Add in basil oil until desired texture is met.
2. Plate up the tomato and salad mixture, drizzle with basil oil, and sprinkle on basil powder.
3. Finish with a little crumbled feta and enjoy!